It has been quite some time since pyRadar underwent any active development. Up until very recently pyRadar functioned as intended. Recently NOAA changed the way that NEXRAD data was made available to the public. These changes broke pyRadar. Unfortunately, because of personal and professional commitments, I no longer have the time to adapt pyRadar to these changes (pyRadar would have to be rewritten from scratch) or continue maintaining the packages. I would like to apologize to the users of pyRadar for any inconvenience that this may cause.

If someone would like to create a spiritual fork of pyRadar, I wish you the best of luck. All of pyRadar's source is available to you in the files section of the project page, but as I said before a complete rewrite of the code would be needed to use NOAA's new radar system.

If you would like to view NOAA's new radar viewer, it is here. If you are interested in weather radar, it is worth taking a look at.

If for some reason you would like to view pyRadar's old home page, it is available here.

So long and thank you all for using pyRadar,

John Diaz
ex-pyRadar lead developer